How to Order

 I may have an item you are looking for on hand that is ready to deliver or ship. But often, you’ll want to get something designed just for you —something that will fit well with your temperament and environment. It’s a fun process. When we first talk, you may want to give me photos, clippings of works you admire or even scale drawings. Even a sketch on a napkin might suffice. Or you may simply choose to commission a piece that is similar to something I’ve built before, but you can vary the wood, hardware and other incidentals.

CUSTOM DESIGN work can follow our initial discussion. If you like the sketches or preliminary ideas, we will move toward the creation of a formal, full-size plan and we can then discuss payment information. Major credit cards are accepted.

DELIVERY of work is arranged to the customer’s satisfaction. Small pieces lend themselves to shipping by UPS or other carrier. For larger pieces, I will deliver work within 50 miles of Newburyport. You are also welcome to pick up your piece at my Merrimac, MA, studio. Otherwise, we can discuss other shipment arrangements. All third-party shipping is at customer expense. © O'DOHERTY MOORE LLC, 2018                      Privacy Policy