Handmade Walnut Music Stand


Handmade walnut music stand or book stand. Adjustable height and viewing angle.



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This handmade, walnut music stand features a desk with a stunning, swirling grain pattern. The pattern swoops up to the gently curved top of the desk.

The walnut in this stand is beautiful by itself. The warm color of the walnut fits into many styles of room. It is truly a unique gift for the musician or someone looking to display a picture book on a beautiful piece of furniture.

This stand has a hand-rubbed finish.

This stand is smoothly adjustable for use standing or sitting. Additionally, the desk tilt mechanism allows for viewing at the angle of your choice in 10 degree increments.


The height adjusts from about 30” to 45”. Desk tilt is adjustable in 10 degree increments. The desk is 12 3/4” deep and 21” wide with a 2 1/4” lip.