Regarding a Cherry music stand with Federal stringing and paterae:

To Michael Moore

This past August (2014), my son, Rob Huntley and his wife, Denise, presented to me for my birthday, the most beautiful gift I have ever received — an incredibly beautiful hand-crafted music stand.  It is a most welcome replacement for my black metal, utilitarian music stand.

The detail and craftsmanship are impeccable.  The beautifully finished wood gleams in the light.  The subtly crafted mechanical aspects are easily worked, easy to use and do not detract from its beauty.

I do not have many “heirloom pieces” to leave to my children and grandchildren but this music stand will be a prized piece, I can assure you.  It has become an art piece for our living room and I can dispense with the ugly metal stand.

I have been a musician all my life and using just ordinary, “ho hum” stands. But this beautiful piece adds an aesthetic joy to my every day chore of practicing and reminds me of my dearest son and wife and their most precious gift to me.

Thank you for sharing your munificent  talent  with us.  Everyone should be so fortunate!

Thank you,

Joan Eaton