Music & Book Stands

Custom Music Stands

We make our music stands one at a time. Wood is individually selected with aesthetics in mind. Each stand is made by hand. Mechanisms feature quality hardware.

Because of the choices we make, each stand is unique and can be tailored to meet individual needs. However, our stands conform to some general measurements and standards we’ve developed over the years we’ve been making music and book stands.

We recently redesigned our mechanisms considering feedback from users, our own experience, and with the expert help of Steve Costain, a master New England metal-worker.

Custom Music Stand
Custom Music Stand
Custom Music Stand

Function & Form

The new height mechanism features high quality hardware and materials that engage the wooden pole.

A spring with gib at the top of the pedestal pole is engaged by turning a wooden knob to securely hold the pole at the chosen height.

The desk angle is adjusted in 10 degree increments. A “spring pin” with hand turned and carved knob can be pulled out with one hand while the desk angle is changed with the other hand. It works well: the spring positively snaps into a brass hole when released. The holes are in a brass part that is inlaid.

The desk axle is a special stainless steel shoulder bolt whose head is recessed. All the exposed parts are brass and wood.

We like the function and form of these new mechanisms and we think you will, too.