Maker and designer of fine furniture and custom items.

O’Doherty Moore custom designs and builds pieces to match your aesthetics and space.

Exceptional custom music stands.

Andrea LeBlanc, a Baroque – Classical – Modern Flutist, performs with a custom music stand.

Making beautiful objects begins on the drawing board.

Care is taken to select wood with figure and character that is then shaped with hand tools to create the form of the piece.


Quilted Cherry Music Stand

Wood: quilted cherry and cherry

Dimensions: The height from the desk lip to floor adjusts from about 27” to 41”. The desk is 12 1/2” deep and 21” wide with a 2” lip.

Custom Music Stands

Music & Book Stands

A music or book stand can be more than just a bland utilitarian item — it can make an aesthetic statement as it supports sheet music or displays a favorite coffee-table book.

Custom Table

Specialty Tables

Tables designed to fit and look good – with traditional joinery.

Walnut Baptism Stand

Seating & More

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As we spend more and more time in our homes it seems natural that we should create meaningful, pleasant spaces. But what items should we select to live in those spaces? Inexpensive, production line items? Or works items made deliberately by a craftsman — aesthetically designed and then shaped by the human hand?

I hold that having hand-made items created by a craftsperson you know results in a space filled with beautiful and functional pieces. Well-made items with hand-rubbed finishes age better than speedily constructed production-line pieces.

Perhaps William Morris, the 19th century designer and champion of hand-made work, put it best: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

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