Music in Alaska

I first saw my maple new music stand online… Last evening, I used (my O’Doherty Moore tiger maple & ebony music stand) for the first time.  My Andre Segovia transcription of Handel usually sounds wonderful, however it had even more beauty with Michael’s extremely beautiful music stand holding up the score.

Aesthetically it is just beautiful and finely crafted… Working with Michael from far away here in Alaska was a delight.  He understood several of my unique “Alaskan” needs and could not have been more helpful.  Thanks Michael!

Charlie O’Neill, Alaska

O'Doherty Moore, LLC

Carved Celtic Cross

Hi Michael,

Yesterday… my son Jonas [was given] the beautiful cross that you crafted for him to commemorate his Baptism. I cannot tell you how much we love it. It honestly took my breath away. …yesterday was a very special day for us. Jonas had all of his family present, including parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins… Having all those people there, many of whom traveled great distances, to surround Jonas with love and prayer made it one of the most significant days of my life as a mother and your cross will forever be a reminder of it for me. The priest blessed it as he was baptizing Jonas. I consider it one of our most treasured possessions…

Maria Morgan, Reading, MA.

O'Doherty Moore, LLC

Tiger & Ebony music stand

Hi Michael: Been meaning to reach out to you and let you know that my husband really likes the music stand. It made a great Father’s Day gift. What nice craftsmanship!

Jenna Michaels, Andover, MA

O'Doherty Moore, LLC

A Tiger Maple music stand displayed at the Sunapee Craft Fair

Dear Mr. Moore,

The music stand arrived in perfect condition this past week and is beautiful– lovely curves, trim, smoothness, and overall finish and craftsmanship.  A piece of art.

I am a professional flutist, retired music professor, and bagpiper here in Memphis, and my wife and I were drawn to the stand at the fair.  The wood tones, exceptional style, workmanship, and functionality make this piece perfect for my needs and a wonderful addition to our home decor.

Thank you to you for your hard work and creativity, and thank you to the friendly, enthusiastic, and talented members of the woodworkers guild. We are so glad to have attended the event to see the best crafts of New Hampshire.

Bruce Erskine

O'Doherty Moore, LLC

Cherry music stand with Federal stringing and paterae

To Michael Moore:

This past August, my son, Rob Huntley and his wife, Denise, presented to me for my birthday, the most beautiful gift I have ever received — an incredibly beautiful hand-crafted music stand.  It is a most welcome replacement for my black metal, utilitarian music stand.

The detail and craftsmanship are impeccable.  The beautifully finished wood gleams in the light.  The subtly crafted mechanical aspects are easily worked, easy to use and do not detract from its beauty.

I do not have many “heirloom pieces” to leave to my children and grandchildren but this music stand will be a prized piece, I can assure you.  It has become an art piece for our living room and I can dispense with the ugly metal stand.

I have been a musician all my life and using just ordinary, “ho hum” stands. But this beautiful piece adds an aesthetic joy to my every day chore of practicing and reminds me of my dearest son and wife and their most precious gift to me.

Thank you for sharing your munificent  talent  with us.  Everyone should be so fortunate!

Thank you,

Joan Eaton

O'Doherty Moore, LLC

A hand-carved, three-tier memorial box for an infant who died at 7 days old

Hi Michael,

I just wanted to thank you again! The box is incredible, we will cherish it always. We put pictures with a link to your website on our Team Grayson Facebook page an both of our personal Facebook pages.

We are getting lots of comments. People really love it. You really out did yourself and you will always have a special place in our hearts. Thank you!!!

Laurel Kapferer, Newburyport, MA

O'Doherty Moore, LLC